Scavenger Hunt ButtonThanksgiving is drawing nigh! Which means that the #31 Author Scavenger Hunt is quickly approaching as well! If you’re wondering what the dealio is with the scavenger hunt, please refer to my earlier blog post for the details.

So now you know WHAT the scavenger hunt is… but HOW does it work?

Well, on November 30, each of us blogger/authors involved in the hunt will post an article or interview on our blog. In that article or interview, there will be a snippet of a phrase that is part of one big long paragraph (we won’t make it too hard to find, I promise!) You, dear Reader, will need to visit each of the STOPs on the hunt (about 32-33 in all) and then go to the final location where you will be given a place to enter the phrase (and your information so that we can contact you if you happen to be the winner!) Each blog post will also include a link to the next STOP in the hunt, so you can start anywhere in the order! We’ll also include a link to the FIRST STOP in case you want to do the scavenger hunt in order from #1 – #33 (or whatever number we’re up to by now, a few more authors have joined!!!!)

The hunt will run ALL WEEK so you have plenty of time to find all the clues.

In addition to all the wonderful things you could win in the big scavenger hunt (an iPad mini and 31 books!) many of the stops along the way will be having additional giveaways that I’m sure you’ll want to enter as well.

Here on my site I will be giving away three items from the Stormcave Studios vault: a signed print copy of King’s Warrior, a CD copy of Whispered Stories, and a print copy of He Whistles for the Cricket.

Pretty exciting stuff, right?!

So don’t forget to mark your calendars! The 31 Author Scavenger Hunt begins on Saturday, November 30! It will run all week until December 6 – so you’ll have plenty of time to read all the blog posts and find the clues so you can enter your name for the big giveaway (and any of the smaller giveaways that appeal to you)!


~ jenelle


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