Adventures & Episodes: Where Did Summer Go?

Adventures& Episodes

Seriously. Where did the summer go? If you see it, tell it to come back? I’ll bake it cookies.

I apologize to everyone who thought yesterday’s post was going to be about me finishing Turrim 3… that’s not what it was about… #BlogTitleFail… it was part of my “Tips and Tricks” series, and I talked about the importance of editing and getting multiple eyes on your manuscript and learning how to take criticism. If you are a writer, I recommend it!!!

I’ve kind of already updated you on all the things that happened in July, so this isn’t going to be a normal Adventures and Episodes post. I’ve already reviewed the only books I read (Ellie and the Prince & Water Princess, Fire Prince).

The only movies I watched were I Can Only Imagine, which was very good and it made me cry and I loved it to pieces. GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!

And Ant Man and the Wasp…. which was AWESOME and HILARIOUS and I can’t decide if I like it better than the first one. If you haven’t seen the first one, you’re missing out! You definitely need to see that one first. But I loved this sequel. I think I like it equally to the first one. Highly recommend. (But see the first one… um… first, or you’ll be lost and confused, and that would be sad).

We also caught up on NCIS since the latest season came up on Netflix and I LOVES GIBBS FOREVER!




I miss Tony and Ziva though.

And now Abbey.

*curls up in a ball and cries*


We listened to the Focus on the Family Radio Theater drama of Voyage of the Dawn Treader as a family on the drive down to Arkansas and back, and it was as awesome as I remembered it.

I wrote 13,050 words in July, which wasn’t too shabby considering that I didn’t write at all for over a week because vacation/family reunion/REALM MAKERS (you can read my post about that experience HERE).

August began and I wrote another 4,480 words in the first two days of August and FINISHED TURRIM THREE!

See… TODAY’S post is about me finishing Turrim 3…. hehe

(And I think I might even have a potential title candidate… but I’m keeping the lid on that for now… UNLESS you’re signed up for my newsletter, which comes out next Monday… Newsletter Subscribers are getting a sneak peek at my title idea, AND an exclusive offer… so make sure you sign up for that before Monday if you haven’t already!)

Yep. Finally caught up with that deadline that kept whooshing past me (which happened partially as a result of thinking the book was going to be about 80K words long, only to have it end up at 119K… my writing goals seem to enjoy laughing at me… tell me I’m not the only one!?)

It’s messy, this rough draft of mine. I wrote it in character arcs, which means that the book is currently NOT IN ORDER *cue gasping* which is the first time I’ve ever written like that, and it’s making me die a little inside to leave it like that for now, but I have some clean-up to do before I can weave it all together.


I really like this book.

I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written… messiness and all.

I’m excited to share it with you.

Which brings me to… Future Plans.

I’m doing something a bit differently with this series. I’ve hinted at it here and there in other places, and may have even talked about it here on the blog, but several people have asked, so I thought I’d give a few more details. We already had this plan in place, and then some things we learned at Realm Makers confirmed that it was a good idea. So here it is…

The Plan

steampunk-1636156_640Currently, I believe that the Turrim Archive is going to be a five-book series. Books 1-3 are now completely drafted. My plan is to continue drafting, completing books 4-5. When the final book is done, I am going to edit them all together in one fell swoop (or several fell swoops, because it’s never JUST ONE pass of editing, of course! But “one fell swoop” here means “all together one after another as if it were one enormous book so that everything lines up and there hopefully aren’t any inconsistencies from one book to the next” so… “one fell swoop” is a lot easier to say). Once the editing is complete and the cover art is done for all five books, I will be “rapid releasing” this series. What kind of schedule does that mean? I’m not entirely certain yet, but from what I learned at Realm Makers, I think I can confidently say that the books will be released at intervals of anywhere from 6-9 months apart. (Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I will be busily working on another project I’ve got in mind, and hopefully I can get it finished before/by the time I release Turrim Book 5 or shortly thereafter… at least, that’s the dream)!

What does that mean for you? Well, initially it means some waiting.

*cue whining*

I know, I know.

It means I’m not going to be publishing anything big for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure how long it will take to get books 4-5 written. Book 3 took five months, and that involved a LOT of time dedicated solely to writing. With our house getting started (So Exciting!!) and school about to begin again, I can’t promise I’ll be that productive this Fall!! If I COULD write books 4 and 5 in the same sort of time frame, it might mean I could begin editing as early as Autumn 2019, but I’m far too aware of how quickly that kind of schedule can fall apart. Editing takes me a while, too, y’all… so I’m guessing it will be at least a year or two of editing such a massive amount of story… even though these books are all shorter than anything in the Minstrel’s Song series, they still aren’t exactly SHORT little books, ranging from 112K – 119K so far.

So, it’ll be a while.

I might have some more short stories and perhaps a novella to release in the meantime (another anthology with a short story of mine is coming out in October, for example), but I’m going to try to refrain from spending too much time on these shorter projects so that I can focus on getting Turrim Archive done for you as quickly as possible.

Be patient with me, please?

~ jenelle


DJ Edwardson

Congrats on hitting another milestone! Hope you enjoyed a great big chocolate chip cookie (or your treat of choice) for getting to this point. I can totally relate to your expanding word counts. It’s so hard to say EVERYTHING in less than 120K. At least in fantasy. Worlds don’t build themselves without words.

I loved “I Can Only Imagine” as well. Even more than I thought I would. I heartily agree that everyone should go out and see it (and bring a box of Kleenex with them when they do).


Thank you!

Ooh… a great big chocolate chip cookie is exactly what is missing from my life right now. Might need to bake some.

After I wrote this post, I realized that I hadn’t quite finished Turrim 3 and added about 2300 words to it last night. LOL NOW it’s finished! Ahem. I have no idea how people write entire fantasy books in under 100K. This is not a skill I currently possess.

Deborah O'Carroll

I need to see Antman and the Wasp! :O

YES, Gibbs is the besssst! :D *still only in season 1 though so I’ll probably never catch up but that’s okay. XD

CONGRATS ON FINISHING TURRIM 3!!!! :D WHOOOO! *showers you in confetti and cupcakes*

Jenelle, love… the Minstrel’s Song series was released at intervals of at least two-ish years between each one… and you JUST released the last one LESS THAN 8 MONTHS AGO so the notion of waiting a couple of years before we get another book from you but then getting quite a few in fairly rapid succession is still on par with your previous books and honestly better, so BELIEVE ME we can wait. We can definitely wait. Because I’m so excited to get to read these books, and you’re making superb progress, honestly. *cheers you on* (And I won’t say no to a short story or novella here and there. ;))

I hope you have a smashing rest of August, and good luck on the writing/schooling/house-ing!


Antman and the Wasp was soooo good!

And Gibbs is worth sticking with, even if it takes years to get through all the seasons. :) Of course, never catching up means you have endless Gibbs forever to look forward to, so that’s good too. :) The character depths that the writers manage to pull out… I mean, there are still beautiful, completely logical surprises in season 14! That takes talent.

Thanks!!! *dances in the confetti and grabs one of the falling cupcakes*

Awww, thank you :) it’s good to be reminded of these things. I tend to want all the things done NOW and forget that I guess a reasonable amount of time probably needs to take place… I too easily fall into the “comparison” trap or feel like I’m “behind” when it comes to releasing books. But I’m walking the path God has set before me… not anyone else’s path. And I need the reminder that it’s okay and to be content. So thank you for the encouragement, sweet friend. :)


A couple years is but a blink on the life of an elf…er…reader. I am patient. I can wait! ;D Seriously though, like you said in response to Deborah, you’re not on anyone else’s timeline so don’t worry about it. :) Quality takes time. I understand completely, though, about feeling like everyone else is somehow always ahead of you and you have to catch up or somehow you aren’t as good of a writer. But that way lies madness, not to mention frustration and tears, so it’s far better to just follow the unique path God has given us and let Him work it out. :)

Btw, I’m still kinda mad Abby had to leave NCIS, though I’m glad they didn’t kill her off. I also want to see Ant Man and the Wasp! I only saw the first movie last year and really enjoyed it.

Madeline J. Rose

I Can Only Imagine was so, sooo good. I don’t cry when I watch movies, but that movie definitely brought me close! :D And Ant Man and the Wasp. So hilarious. XD (But THE CLIP AT THE END. :O)

THAT IS SO AWESOME, FINISHING TURRIM ARCHIVES #3!!! Woot-woot!! :D I wish you all the good luck in your writing plans!! You’re doing awesome. ;)

Abbey Stellingwerff

Whoa, I am so excited for the Turrim Archive! And I like the release schedule you have in place right now. It will be great to get five books from you in a relatively short space. I wish you the best of luck writing and editing this series. I’d love to hear (far in the future, of course) how you get on with editing the whole series in “one fell swoop.” :D


Thank you!!! I will definitely be posting about the experience of editing in “one fell swoop!” I have a feeling it’s going to be part awesome/part nightmare… LOL


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!