All Good Things…


It’s been a whirlwind-kind of several weeks here, with February is Fantasy Month and the release of Minstrel’s Call and the super-fun blog tour! But… as they say… “all good things must come to an end.”

And thus it is with this, as well.

Thank you for sharing about the book, adding it to your shelves, leaving comments, and just generally being super supportive about this newest release of mine! I really appreciate it.

Please make sure to swing by the other stops on the blog tour and leave them some comments, these bloggers/fellow authors were so kind to give me space in their busy schedules. The interviews and guest posts in particular are pretty fun. You can find the entire list of stops HERE, and I’ve included the ones that are unique below

Unique Blog Tour Stops

So, thank you all so very… hm?

What’s that?

Oh…. right… I know why you all stopped by today… you want to know who won the giveaway!!!

Well… I have the names of the winners around here somewhere… let’s see… ah! Here they are.


The Winner of the Dragon Sword is……. Sarahtps


The Winner of the Signed Paperback is……. Kasey V.


The Winner of the Puzzle is…… Sharon C.


I will be emailing each of you shortly!

~ jenelle


Sharon K. Connell

Thank you, Jenelle. I was kind of hoping for that dragon sword, but I’m happy to receive the puzzle. :) I have a Claymore and thought the dragon sword would look cool on the wall next to it. LOL


Yeah… that was the item everyone was eyeing, I was in equal parts shocked and not at all surprised with how many entries this contest generated!! :) (I kind of want to keep it for myself…) haha


sa;jdflkjsdlfjdlja;lsjdf WHAT. Day = MADE. 100% MADE.

Anyway. Yes. Glad the tour went well, and thanks for picking me as the sword winner. :D


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!