And the Winners Are…

Thank you all so much for helping spread the word about my promo, and for attending my “hobbit birthday party!” You all helped make it a really fun event!

And now, for the winners:

First prize goes to Abi Eckstine

Second prize goes to Deborah O’Carroll

And because I just couldn’t quite contain my excitement, I’m giving out TWO third prizes – one to Jennette Mbewe and one to Ashlee Willis Leakey

I will be sending you each an email shortly. Thanks again for participating in my giveaway! You all are awesome!

And for the rest of you, I have one more very small gift: a short excerpt, and one of my all-time favorite scenes from SECOND SON:


(Excerpt from Chapter 14)

There was no warning. Pain sliced through Jhasen’s awareness as he stepped out of the king’s chamber, closing the door softly behind him, and then he was kneeling on the floor, staring at the sword protruding from his chest. He blinked his eyes, unable to comprehend what had just happened, his thoughts reacted dully and he stared in fascination as his clear blood dripped down onto the white marble of the floor.

“I am sorry, Jhasen,” the voice seemed to be coming from across a great distance, “but you are trying to turn my father against me.”

“Seamas?” Jhasen’s thoughts were stunned as he looked up and he saw the dark face that seemed to float above him; his vision was growing dim, but he could still make out the features of the familiar face.

“I am sorry it had to come to this,” the words came as though from a great distance, and there was true sorrow in their tone, “but a traitor cannot be allowed to live.”

“I am… no traitor,” Jhasen gasped.

“No traitor?” Seamas’ voice was incredulous. “You were overheard just now. I know who my true friends are, and it is apparent you were never one of them. You have done everything in your power to keep me from my rightful place on the throne. Who would you promote over me? Rhoyan? The ‘second son,’ the fulfiller of the prophecy, the great hope of Llycaelon? Perhaps I am the great hope of Llycaelon, did you ever think of that? I can make this land strong once more.”

The physician looked up, blinking through the haze of pain. “Who was listening, Highness? What did they hear?”

“You were heard trying to persuade my father to wait for Rhoyan, to heed the prophecy instead of naming me heir.”

A small chuckle escaped Jhasen’s bloodless lips. “You have been betrayed, Sire, but not by me. I have ever had only your interests at heart. I kept the news of your brother from your father. He learned of it from a source other than myself. I counseled your father not to allow the prophecy to sway his decision… I assured him that both his sons were worthy, and that the decision was his… his alone.” Jhasen gasped in pain. “But why listen to me? I am killed… more sorrow to you.”

Seamas stared at the old physician in horror and opened his mouth to speak, but the man was beyond hearing anymore. Jhasen’s breath ceased and he fell forward onto the floor. Seamas reached out, a helpless gesture, as if to catch the old man, but he jumped back in stunned alarm as the air itself sparkled around the physician’s prostrate form. Watery light shimmered around the body, and Seamas was forced to cover his eyes to shield them from the brightness.


~ jenelle

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