Announcements for a New Year

Happy New Year, dear Reader! And welcome to 2019!

I hope you all had a great 2018, a great holiday season, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for us. To kick off the new year, I have a couple of announcements.

First, a READ ALONG! I did a read along on the blog for King’s Warrior way back in December 2014… (you can find the list of posts in reverse order HERE) wow that feels like a lifetime ago… but I never followed it up with any of the other books. So I thought it was high time for a read along of Second Son. Since it seems that people have more time for reading in January and February than most other times of the year, I’m holding the read along this month and into February. My schedule will go as follows:

The read-along will begin on January 7, and I will post about one chapter per weekday – using weekends as time to rest or catch up on reading.

When we hit February, I will post for the read-along on M/W/F and try to get in my February is Fantasy Month posts on T/Th. This should allow people to catch up on the reading if they fall behind, as well.

If any questions are asked along the way, I’ll answer them in the following day’s blog post, and I will include discussion questions in each post, as well. If you’d like to discuss even more, I have set up a facebook group for that, since I think it’s easier there.

The read-along is for EVERYONE! If you’re reading the book for the first time, WELCOME! If you’re re-reading, WELCOME! I’m happy to have you!

As a note of some importance, even though Second Son is technically the second book in the series, chronologically it comes FIRST. So you can join the read-along even if you haven’t read King’s Warrior. I have heard from readers who have read either book first, and everyone seems to agree that these two books stand alone well enough that you can start with Second Son or King’s Warrior and be just fine.

Don’t have a copy of Second Son? Don’t worry! Today through Jan. 5 the book will be available for FREE in the Kindle Store. Get your free copy HERE.

(If you need an e-version in a different format, please shoot me an email at Jenelle.L.Schmidt (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get you a copy in your preferred format).

But I had another announcement!

Since the read-along will be sharing time with February is Fantasy Month… AND since I still definitely want to host February is Fantasy Month… BUT I don’t want to go insane (as we might also be moving in the middle of all this craziness), the format is going to be a little different this year.

Instead of trying to write all the posts myself and have a normal link-up, this year I’m running the event as more of a blog tour. There are opportunities for you to write a blog post (and I’m fine with multiple people posting on the same day!), help out with heading up a hashtag game for twitter, write a guest post for my blog, or any other fantasy-related ideas you might have. Feel free to toss ‘em my way!

Sound like fun? How do you get in on this magical awesomeness?

Easy! Just fill out this handy-dandy Google Form:

~ jenelle


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!