April in Wisconsin

4FD9DBF8-3CDE-40D8-AC2E-B05FBE403BB0Super weird and kinda awesome weather out my windows this morning. Like the sky can’t quite make up its mind what it wants to be, or is throwing a temper-tantrum. From the swirling, eerily colored yellowish-gray clouds above, first heavy flakes of snow drift gently down, but then it turns to sleet for a while and comes down against the house sounding like the rolling rattle of a snare drum. Then gale-force winds gust across the yard, battering a combination of snow and sleet at the windows and making my children jump in startlement and then relax into nervous giggles. A flash of lightning splits the sky, followed by a low, distant rumble of thunder.

It is a good day to be warm and cozy inside.

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~ jenelle

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