Ask Me Your Questions!

Dear Reader, I need your help!

I’m planning a bit of an “indie-publishing crash course” series of tips and tricks on the blog this summer.

I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I could use a few more.

Topics I’m considering:

Newsletters! Yikes! What are they and do I need one?

The Marketing Beast: how much do I need to do?

Social Media: Do I really need to be on there?

What do all the acronyms stand for? (also, if you have seen a writing-related acronym and don’t know what it means, please share it with me, because I’m blanking on all acronyms right now… LOL)

I have a finished, polished manuscript and I want to self-publish… what do I do now?


Your Turn!


Do any of these topics look particularly appealing? Are there any I should skip? What are the things you’d like to know about Indie Publishing that you can’t find anywhere else? What are questions you’d like to ask that you haven’t felt the ability to ask anyone? I’m no expert, and I sort of muddle through some of the technical aspects of things, but I am more than willing to share what I’ve learned thus far and what works and doesn’t work for me in the hopes that it might help YOU! So… ask away!

~ jenelle



This sounds like a really interesting series! I would probably try for traditional publishing if I can, but I enjoy learning about self-publishing and what goes into it! It sounds so hard. I really admire people who do that, it’s basically like being an entrepreneur, isn’t it?


It is very much like being an entrepreneur. Indie authors basically run their own small business! It can be hard, especially if you don’t have supportive people around you rooting for you, though I know many authors who have succeeded in spite of that lack.

I think it’s great to learn about both indie and trad publishing for any writer, helps one know what to expect going into either and make informed decisions about which method is best for them! :)


I’m totally in for the marketing and social media ones, those two are the banes of my existence! But I’m also curious about (more) professional editing/ors and how to go about commissioning covers. I understand and appreciate all the pre-made beauties out there, but what if you need/want something more personal to your story?


Like Reynwood I would say the collaborative work of editing and commissioning covers as well. Those are both things that traditional publishers handle, and even traditionally published authors need to know about marketing. Formatting files for paperback and ebook would fit well too.

One of my big questions is what does a fiction author write in a newsletter? If your main creative work is storytelling, how do you keep your readers engaged through a newsletter?

What about more business-related things like an author brand and a business plan?

Sarah Pennington

Ok, yes PLEASE for at least one post on social media. Not so much “do I need to be on there” as much as “how do I social media as an author” and “how do I figure out where to social media” and “how the pumpernickel do I figure out what to post” and “how do I overcome the feeling that I’m just wasting everyone’s time or being cheesy with my social media presence?”

Also, how do you decide how much to invest in your book/book marketing/author branding, and how do you decide what to invest in?

Also, how the pumpernickel do you figure out your author brand? Because I am literally studying marketing/branding, and I can’t figure that one out yet.


These are all excellent questions! I am getting excited about this series! Also, I’ve found some authors further along on this journey than myself and they are writing up some guest posts for the series on various topics, so I hope to learn a lot, as well!!


Okay so I’m really late to this party, but I HAVE QUESTIONS!!!!! (hopefully I’m not too late???) Also this idea is absolutely AMAZING and I am so so excited to learn all your knowledge… As for the topics you’ve already mentioned, I love and want all of them. XD Especially the ones about newsletters, social media, marketing… Basically all of them. XD

My Questions:

- How do you make sure that your self-published book will get into the hands of readers? (there’s someone I know who wrote and self-published a couple books, but they really didn’t go anywhere. I guess that kind of terrifies me, because with either publishing route I take, my main goal is to get my books in the hands of readers who will fall in love with my stories.)

- What are the BIGGEST things to avoid when self-publishing? (like is there anything that could potentially make a really good book flop???)

- As far as social medias go, do you know which are the most effective for promoting your work?? (I guess that could go with anything writing-related, and not just self-publishing, but I feel like self-pubbed authors may need to build a larger platform to start with…?)

Thank you SO much for taking your time to build a crash course for this!! I’ve been trying to think more seriously about publishing in the future, and though I think I’m going to originally start out with traditional, self-publishing is something that I’ve always been intrigued with, and might try and do one day, so this is going to be VERY helpful….


I AM SO EXCITED!!! I’ve seen you start posting stuff, and I cannot wait to get back on top of blogging so that I can start binging them!!!


Yay!!! People seem to be liking the posts and finding them useful. My great hope with this series is to not just give “sound bite” info, but to give some practical tips that readers can USE… if that makes sense.


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!