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Hello there, dear Reader!

Well, Write 100 officially started on Monday, and I’m doing all right. I started early, back on March 1st, and I managed to write for 10 days in a row, but then Daylight Savings Time snuck up and stabbed me in the back on Sunday. It broke my streak, but that was just warm-up anyway, right? So, I started back up on Monday, and it was rough… mostly I just edited/read over what I’d already written (that’s necessary, sometimes) and did a little better on Tuesday. I think I’m starting to get over the time-change… so that’s good!

I’m just swinging by to tell you about a fun series I’m participating in over on Scattered Scriblings, one of our fabulous Silmarillion Award bloggers. She is hosting an “Ask the Author” event, where you leave questions you might have. Myself and four other authors are participating, and you can leave your questions all throughout March, and then you can read the answers in April. Swing over and see which authors are participating and read the fine print (there isn’t much fine print, I promise): ASK THE AUTHOR

This kind of inspired me, as well, as I’ve been a little at a loss for what to blog about after the frenzy of fantasy posts in February. So, I thought I might try something a little more informative for a while. So, I’ll just throw this out there:

What would you like to know about writing, editing, or self-publishing? Ask away in the comments, and I’ll see if I can’t put together a couple of helpful/informative blog posts!

Also, I’ve got a couple of authors waiting in the queue to have their characters over for one of my InterFiction interviews… and if any of you have a character you’d like me to interview (whether your work is published or not) I’d love to have them over, so shoot me an email! (Details HERE)


~ jenelle


Madeline J. Rose

Ooh, this sounds fun! I have a question: How do indie-published authors go about making covers for their books? Is it hard finding an artist to create it for you? Or maybe you do it yourself? Either way, how do you get it to look professional and appealing to readers?


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!