Award-Winning Poem

Goodreads (one of my favorite ways to waste time these days) has lots of groups, threads, discussions, and competitions. I joined a writing competition for the month of January – the topic was “the fae.” I entered, just for fun… but I actually managed to pull 3rd place! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything in a writing competition before, so this was quite a pleasant surprise!

Thought I’d share the poem with you all. Enjoy.


In the midnight, moonlit air
Beneath the starry skies
Step outside, if you dare
And see the Seelie rise.

They awake when darkness falls
To hunt and dance and play
Tempting mortals with their calls
Light and dark, they are the Fae.

Brassy horn blasts fill the night
A hunt! A hunt! See them ride
Steeds of thunder all take flight
They toss their manes in savage pride.

Racing over field and stream
The chase is on as stars appear
All the world lies in a dream
When the Seelie host is near.

When the hunt is over
King and Queen appear
Gathering in a meadow of clover
Listen! Bend your ear!

For now the music doth begin
Floating on the breeze
Unearthly voices chant and sing
Songs to make your spirit freeze.

Beauty captured in a song
It is the Sidhe’s delight
Their minstrels play all evening long
Weaving enchantment through the night.

Venture not into their circle
Lest you never depart,
Fae celebrations are not for mortals
They will break your human heart.


My only hope is that this didn’t use up all my  “writing contest winnings” for the year… as the first round of ABNA ends next Wednesday! haha!

~ jenelle

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Nancy Porter Walker

WOW! This is beautiful! [I must admit, I had to look up the terms "Seelie" and "Fae" and "Sidhe"... but after I did, it helped me appreciate your poem all the more!]
Congratulations! KEEP WRITING! KEEP Authing! ;)


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