Baby Name Guessing Game

Good morning, dear Readers!

Well, we have said “farewell” to February, and a mighty fun month it was. I’m still blown away by how many people participated and added links and wrote stories! Thanks again for helping make it a memorable celebration!

Now it’s time to March forward.

*grin* Yes, that was on purpose.

I know my Readers are spread across the country and even the world. What is March like where you are, dear Reader? Some of you may still be in the throes of Winter. Some of you may be getting Spring teasers. Some of you may not have gotten the Winter you wanted and are still hopeful for a good snow. Some of you may have already begun Summer temperatures. March is unpredictable like that.

But no matter what weather you are experiencing, I thought maybe some of you might enjoy playing a game with me. We’ve never “revealed” any of our children’s names beforehand in the past, but I thought we could mix it up a bit this time around. Especially since Little Buddy’s due date coincides so nicely with the NCAA craziness (which I don’t care overly much about, but I always thought the brackets aspect was kind of fun), I thought a game might be fun.

It’s pretty simple:

1. These are all names that have actually been considered.

2. First names are on the left, middle names are on the right. (For those of you who are new to the blog, we have given all of our children Tolkien-Inspired Middle Names… we’re nerdy like that)

3. The top name from the left and the top name from the right will combine to create the full name of Little Buddy.

4. The name is already chosen, this is a guessing game.

5. You have until March 18th to fill out your bracket. After that I will be posting a “round” of updates each week, with the final name reveal coming after Little Buddy is born.

6. What you do with your bracket is entirely up to you. You may keep it to yourself, email it to me at, or post it for others to see.

7. There are no prizes, just bragging rights. Sorry… once this baby comes, the last thing I’m going to be thinking about is scoring brackets or sending out prizes. (You can still pick up King’s Warrior for FREE or Second Son for 99 cents OR get $2.25 off the paperbacks of any of my books until tomorrow, though! Details HERE)

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~ jenelle


Deborah O'Carroll

February was fun! ^_^ I’m excited about all the fun March things (despite a cold I seem to have caught…). March is always one of my favorite months because it has so many good things like Spring and my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day and Diana Wynne Jones celebrations. :D

Ugh, my weather has been WEIIIRD. It can’t make up its mind what season it is yet. XD

Great names! Taliesin, Aiden, Declan, and Westley are my favorites. :) I think Faramir, Aragorn, and Beren, would make excellent middle-names. :D (True story: whenever I’m telling my mom about something going on on the internet with my friends, I have little descriptions to remind her which friend is who, and you’re the one with “children with Middle-earth middle-names”. :D) Regardless, I’m sure he’ll have a fabulous name and be a great kid, Lord willing — best wishes! ^_^


:-D I’m excited about March things, too. Sorry you have a cold, colds are the worst!

We’ve had pretty normal Winter here… had a late Feb thaw, and then another dumping of 12 inches of snow last week for some more wintry fun. Will probably yo-yo back and forth a bit for the next month or so… Spring arrives here around the end of April. :) Which is fine with me.

Happy Birthday Month!

Oooh, DWJ celebrations? I will have to keep my eyes peeled and try to participate. Though March is probably going to be spent in a rather concerted effort to get Turrim 2′s rough draft completed.

Thanks! It was actually a pretty tough decision this time around. There are some cool boy names out there.

Madeline J. Rose

Ooh, these are all really cool names! I really love Edmund (I’m assuming from Narnia? ;) ), Hawkins, and Westley. (I’ve always wanted to name a possible future child Westley! It’s a great name. :D ). And I love Peregrin, Arathorn, and Strider as middle names. Whatever you’ve picked, I’m sure it’s a wonderful name, and he’ll be a delightful little boy. <3


Yes, Edmund is from Narnia (and sort of Count of Monte Cristo… though that’s Edmond… but still, close).

Picking a name for this little guy was hard because we/I really liked quite a few of these names. But I didn’t really want to saddle him with like four middle names… so we had to narrow it down.

Savannah Grace

Oh good gracious – I DREAMED that I knew the name last night. But of course I woke up and forgot it *smacks forgetful brain* :D I can’t wait to hear what name you picked, I’m sure it’s wonderful!


Whoa… I’m invading people’s dreams now? That’s… both kinda creepy and kinda cool :)

I hate it when I dream something like that and then can’t remember it when I wake up. I’m sure I’ve lost more plot ideas and stories that way…


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!