Blog-o-versary Vlog Part 2

Today I am posting the continuation of my vlog, and answering some more questions from YOU!

Table of Contents:

0:30 – My favorite Anne Elisabeth Stengl book

1:57 – Have I ever left the country? Where have I gone?

4:50 – I’m going on a quest, I can bring my own Fellowship of Characters from any book… who do I bring? (spoiler alert, I’m supposed to choose 9… I choose a few more than that!)

7:15 – Do I read every review I get?

7:55 – Am I ever tempted to reply to a review?

9:01 – Why should you leave reviews? How does one leave a good review?

11:45 – Have I ever changed anything in my books because of a review?

12:00 – Have you changed big things because of editorial feedback or beta readers? Is there a big scene that got cut because of feedback from them?

~ jenelle


Christine Smith

Yay! The next part! :D

That is so cool you’ve been to UK. :O I don’t think I knew you’ve been there before. Aaahhhhh!!! Dream vacation!

The Fellowship question was so fun! You formed an epic one too. A HUGE yes to Eanrin!

I really loved all your thoughts on book reviews and your attitude toward them. Because you’re totally right, there is no single book out there that every single person in the world will love. That’d be impossible. But there IS someone for every single book, and as long as we love the stories we’re writing, that’s what matters.


The UK is awesome!! I would go back in a heartbeat (especially to Paris, because the food!!!! *all the heart eyes*)

Eanrin is a must. Yes.

I really appreciated how that was a focus at Realm Makers… that there is a reader for every book, but not every book is for EVERY reader! It was a good reminder, and something I think a lot of authors forget. It’s too easy to dwell on the negative reviews.

DJ Edwardson

Wow, this one was half the length of the first one. You’re getting pretty good at these! I’m really enjoying these, nodding inside the whole time because I can relate so well to pretty much everything you say.

It’s also fun to watch with the snow falling on your blog because it looks like i’s snowing inside your house. :)


Hehe, yeah! :) It also helps that I didn’t feel the need to do all the intro “why I’m doing this vlog” info every time. hahah

Glad you’re enjoying these.

Hahahaha… that’s awesome! I don’t think it’s ever snowed inside our house for real, though last Christmas when we got back from vacation and the heater had broken and it was -13 outside and only 48 degrees inside our apt was the closest we ever got to that…!


I love hearing from you, dear Reader!