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Hey out there, blogging friends! The Fellowship of Fantasy (and Yours Truly) are releasing our next anthology on October 9th — Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales — our cat-themed fantasy anthology, and we could sure use your help! The powers that be are putting together a blog tour, and we need bloggers like you to sign up and help spread the word!

Specifically, we need some sign-ups for Oct. 2 and 7… apparently those days are not as popular, and they’re feeling all sad and depressed about it.

We try to make it pretty easy on our bloggers, providing pre-made posts or media kits or ARC copies if you’d like to post a review. The nice thing with an anthology is that you can also sign up to post a review of just a SINGLE story in the anthology, and some of the ones in this anthology are Flash Fiction, so not a lot of reading there. On a personal note, I sure would love some reviews of my own story in the anthology, Destined For Greatness!!!

You can sign-up for the blog tour simply by clicking HERE!

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