Brittany Jean and the Bates-Ford Talent Search


Brittany Guitar

Hello, dear Reader! Today I have a special update/announcement for you. My sister, the talented singer/songwriter, Brittany Jean got to drive from Washington State down to Nashville back in May as part of the Bates-Ford Talent Search. She was one of 20 contestants and got to perform Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” live on national radio. She was chosen as one of twelve singers to advance to the final round.

TODAY, June 25th, she is back in Nashville for the final round of the competition. Two winners will be chosen and one will get to open for Darryl Worley and the other will get to open for The Oakridge Boys later this same summer!!

If you are interested in listening in, you can catch the entire competition HERE from 1pm-3pm CDT TODAY.

Each contestant will be performing a cover song as well as one of their own original pieces. I hear that Brittany will be performing Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” as well as one of her own original songs off her “Leavin’ Home” album.

Brittany was the last singer in the previous competition, and we have reason to believe she will be the last performer today, as well – but don’t quote me on that!

Even if you can’t listen in, prayers for my sister would be greatly appreciated. For health, for nerves, and just that she would have an absolute blast being back down in Nashville and getting this opportunity!

~ jenelle


Cindy Lee Sparks

Oh what an awesome opportunity – just seeing this and will be praying for her success!


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