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Spice Bringer

Yeah… this is like a month late… but hey… if you haven’t seen this yet, then it means you’ve been missing out! H.L. Burke is bringing us yet another awesome fantasy book to read… and since I’m a month late to the party, that means it’s a month closer to the release date… which Amazon… Read more »

Adventures & Episodes: Where Did Summer Go?

Seriously. Where did the summer go? If you see it, tell it to come back? I’ll bake it cookies. I apologize to everyone who thought yesterday’s post was going to be about me finishing Turrim 3… that’s not what it was about… #BlogTitleFail… it was part of my “Tips and Tricks” series, and I talked about… Read more »

Independence Day + Nightstand Books + Updates

I promise, I’m going on hiatus… at the end of this blog post… which is why I’m rolling this month’s Nightstand Books and Adventures and Episodes into one big post. I might have some character interviews coming in the near future. I know at least one of those is going up this month. July is a… Read more »

The First Tag

Hi hi! Okay… we’ve officially hit REALM MAKERS MONTH and… I’m supposed to be on blogging hiatus this month. And I will be… shortly… maybe… I love this blog so much, though, it’s hard to let it just sit here, all lonely and sad and dealing with abandonment issues and things. If I’ve learned a… Read more »