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Magic By Any Other Name

I know this is a touchy subject, and I hope to handle it carefully. As a Christian, the topic will sometimes arise on how I can justify writing stories that include or involve magic, specifically if I am portraying it as something being used by a hero or heroine character. It is a worthy question,… Read more »

Dragons in Fantasy

  If I could only pick one reason to read fantasy novels, that reason would be dragons. Is there anything in fiction cooler than a dragon? I submit that there is not! They fly, they breathe fire, sometimes they even talk! And if you’re like me, you’re convinced that the leviathan discussed in Job 41 was… Read more »

Fantasy Names

Aragorn. Galadriel. Keylith. Cimorene. Karyna. Eanrin. Caspian. Aiyanna. Hermione. Nynaeve. Egwene. Alrianne. Khoranaderek. What I have just listed are some of the more unique names that the fantasy genre has gifted us with. One of the complaints I hear most often regarding fantasy is the long, convoluted names that can often be found there. I… Read more »

Guest Post: The Recipe for World-Building by DJ Edwardson

Greetings, dear Reader! Today is a very special day. It is the day that Ascent of the Nebula by DJ Edwardson is released to the general public. To celebrate, I invited DJ to come over and do a guest post – and it fits in with my fantasy theme for the month quite nicely, as he… Read more »