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The Fantasy Series That Started it All

As I spend the month talking about the fantasy genre, it would not be fair to leave out the series that probably did the most to propel me into a life-long love of the genre. I’ve mentioned it a few times here and there, but never really talked about it. Many of you know that… Read more »

Just For Fun

Going a bit lighter since it’s Saturday. I had a review post planned, but then my week got crazy and I never got around to writing it. I’ll get to it later this month, promise. It’s about the first fantasy fiction series I read on my own… the one that started it all, you might… Read more »

Fantasy is Applicable

Great minds think alike… or perhaps it could be that February is the only month that starts with a letter that alliterates well with Fantasy… but either way, I discovered that Grace is also having a celebration of the Fantasy Genre over at HER BLOG, and I thought, “Hey! That sounds like fun, too!” So, I’m… Read more »

February is Fantasy Month

If you’re like me, February is kind of a “skip-over” month. It’s the middle of winter, and most people are starting to get itchy for Spring. There’s no Christmas to look forward to. No big school breaks in the near future. Nothing to celebrate, really. The only thing anyone ever cares about in February seems… Read more »