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Featured Artist Friday: Peggy Mound McAloon

February is almost over! On Monday we’ll wrap up the Fantasy February posts and have a birthday celebration for King’s Warrior, since it is having it’s very first birthday!!! (Despite being 4 years old) But today I am pleased to introduce you to another Clean Indie Reads Fantasy Author, Peggy Mound McAloon. Peggy will be… Read more »

Dragon of Trelian

I’ve really enjoyed using the fantasy theme to catch up on writing some reviews this month! One of the books I stumbled across back towards the middle of 2015 was this little gem: Dragon of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen. Calen is apprenticed to a powerful mage, but lately his interest in the subject of his… Read more »

Fantasy Characters

I can hardly believe that we are in the final week of February! I hope you have all been enjoying this month-long celebration of various elements that can be found in my favorite genre, I have certainly enjoyed writing the posts and participating in the ensuing conversations! If you would like to participate, there’s still… Read more »

New to Fantasy

I wanted to spend some time on which books I would recommend to someone new to the fantasy genre. This is a bit different than a list of my Favorite Books or even my Recommended Reads, though you will notice some overlap. This is more of a list of suggestions I would give to someone… Read more »