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The Last Motley – Book Review

Seldom do I come to the end of a book with such a strong desire to flip back to the front and re-read the entire thing, just so that I can hang out with the characters some more, but The Last Motley was one where I was sorely tempted to do just that. However, I have… Read more »

What’s So Wrong With Tropes?

Hey hey! I’m feeling a little bit better, so let’s talk tropes. “Trope” of late, has become a bit of a bad word when talking about stories, and I want to take a closer look at them… because I don’t think they’re all that bad. It’s possible they’re simply misunderstood. What is a trope, anyway?… Read more »

Ring of Fire

Here is my short story for this month’s short story challenge! I had a lot of fun writing this little story! I hope you enjoy reading it. “Getting across the lava fields was the easy part. What I had not accounted for was….”  Additional challenge – use all of the following words in your story… Read more »

Fantasy Orphan

Well hello there, I would like to thank you for stopping by today. I am pleased to be here. Where is Jenelle, you ask? She’s letting me take over her blog today. Oh! I’m sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Fantasy Orphan. You’ve probably heard of me… especially if you like to read fantasy…. Read more »