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Elements of Fantasy: Part 1

Today’s post is in answer to a question someone asked me a while back. They wanted to know what are some elements I see in the fantasy genre that I wish were more common in other genres, as well. And they also wanted to know if there was anything I wish I saw more in… Read more »

Lunar Chronicles

Hey, hey! It’s the first review of Fantasy Month! So, I’ve been meaning to do a series review of the Lunar Chronicles since I devoured them a few months ago… and what better time than in the midst of Fantasy Month? After hearing people rave about this series for years, and then seeing several of the… Read more »

Sports in Fantasy

  What with the Winter Olympics starting today, I thought it would be fun to do a post about sports in fantasy. But, Jenelle! Sports and Fantasy are completely different genres!   You might think that… and at first I wasn’t sure this idea for a post would work very well, and then I realized something. What are… Read more »

Uncommon Fantasy Creatures

Good morning, dear Reader! And welcome to today’s post about Uncommon Fantasy Creatures. AKA: Fantasy Creatures I’d Like to See Appear in More Books and/or movies… Earlier this week we talked about some of the more common fantasy creatures we see in fantasy-fiction. Today, I’d like to chat a bit about all the fantastical creatures that tend… Read more »