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Adventures and Nightstand Books May/June 2019

Trying to stay on top of the whole Adventures and Episodes thing, as well as getting in my Nightstand Books post, but since I’m a bit late for both of them, I’m combining the two posts into one! Writing I wrote rather a ton in May. I wrote 12,776 words in Towers of Might and Memory before I… Read more »

Spring 2019 Adventures and Episodes

Wow, so apparently I don’t do a very good job of a monthly wrap-up post, since the last one of these I wrote was back in September 2018! Sorry about that. Though I have done a couple of monthly-wrap-up type newsletters, so maybe that’s what happened there. Anyway… what’s been going on up here in… Read more »

Adventures and Episodes of September

September flew by in rather a blur here… anyone else? Lately, I seem to be in a constant state of wondering where all the time went. And yet, there are many days when I’m not sure I’m gonna make it to supper-time… “the days are long but the years are short.” Who said that? Hmmm,… Read more »

August Adventures 2018

August has been a whirlwind of a month! But it’s been a great month, full of adventures, and a lot of rest and relaxation, which was definitely necessary, since SEPTEMBER APPROACHETH!   And so many things are lined up for September, so I needed a couple of weeks off. But I’m BACK! And just in… Read more »