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Adventures & Episodes: Where Did Summer Go?

Seriously. Where did the summer go? If you see it, tell it to come back? I’ll bake it cookies. I apologize to everyone who thought yesterday’s post was going to be about me finishing Turrim 3… that’s not what it was about… #BlogTitleFail… it was part of my “Tips and Tricks” series, and I talked about… Read more »

Independence Day + Nightstand Books + Updates

I promise, I’m going on hiatus… at the end of this blog post… which is why I’m rolling this month’s Nightstand Books and Adventures and Episodes into one big post. I might have some character interviews coming in the near future. I know at least one of those is going up this month. July is a… Read more »

Adventures and Episodes May 2018

Welcome to a much more timely edition of Adventures and Episodes! What a month May has been! Writing It’s been a great month for writing. I wrote 18,000 words in Turrim 3 this month. Half of those words I wrote over the week of Indie e-Con while running the word wars, which was super exciting! And… Read more »

Adventures and Episodes: Summing Up

Goodness, has it really been that long since I’ve done a monthly wrap-up post? I think the last issue of Adventures and Episodes was in November! tsk tsk. “Let me explain… no, there is too much. Let me sum up.” <—This has become my life’s quote of late. Well, I’m not going to update you… Read more »