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Silmaril Awards Voting Form

Last week was seriously crazy awesome!!! You all did SUCH an awesome job nominating all the characters and keeping us hosts extremely busy as more and more characters showed up at our humble abodes. At final count, we had FIFTY-FIVE wise counselors nominated over a total of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO comments. And this wasn’t even… Read more »

Wisest Counselor Nominations: Silmaril Awards 2019

Nominations are now closed! Make sure to come back next week to cast your votes in the final round! Returning for the FOURTH year in a row, it’s MY personal favorite event of the year… THE SILMARIL AWARDS! And this year, I get to host the award for the WISEST COUNSELOR! They tend to be… Read more »

Writing Unstuck: Produce Novels More Quickly Guest Grace Bridges

Please join me in welcoming Grace Bridges to the blog! If you’re a realmie, you’ll recognize Grace as someone who tends to jump at the chance to help out the authors around her. A mentor and author of numerous published works (seriously, she has three pages of published books on amazon… so I gave up… Read more »