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End of School Giveaway + Summer Reading Quest

Have you heard about the Summer Reading Quest over at the Fellowship of Fantasy? It’s a great program we’ve put together for young readers to enjoy this summer. Your young readers can request free books (some of our authors have volunteered to send a limited quantity of free paperbacks to requesting readers), or request that… Read more »

Indie E-Con Is Here!

Indie e-Con begins TODAY, and there are so many exciting things going on! This year’s focus is on genres and instructional posts, which hopefully you will find helpful. Here is a quick schedule of events: Monday, 5/21 – Romance Tuesday, 5/22 – Mystery Wednesday, 5/23 – Historical Fiction Thursday, 5/24 – Contemporary Friday, 5/25 –… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Writer Tag

Today I am finally taking part in Deborah’s Spring Cleaning Writer Tag. While it’s been Spring for almost 2 months now… it only just is starting to feel like it around here (we got a TON of snow in April here in the frozen tundra this year!) But now it’s getting warmer, and we’ve had… Read more »

Adventures and Episodes: Summing Up

Goodness, has it really been that long since I’ve done a monthly wrap-up post? I think the last issue of Adventures and Episodes was in November! tsk tsk. “Let me explain… no, there is too much. Let me sum up.” <—This has become my life’s quote of late. Well, I’m not going to update you… Read more »