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One Lovely Blog Award

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope your December is off to a lovely start. Well, I have been tagged! (Actually, I was tagged a while ago, but this is the first time I’ve had a minute to sit down and actually think about a “real” blog post…) Tracey over at Adventure Awaits tagged me, and it’s… Read more »

Black Friday Sale

Just a reminder that I will be participating in a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with several other wonderful independent Christian authors next week. If you are a blogger and willing to blog about the sale, please let me know! As an added incentive, each blogger who shares about the sale will get to choose FIVE free… Read more »

Tagged! 777 Challenge

I did this challenge a while back for Stone Curse, and now I’ve been tagged again by the lovely Deborah O’Carroll. Since the next couple of months are all about Yorien’s Hand, I decided to go ahead and give you another snippet from that! The rules: Open your work-in-progress and go to the 7th page… Read more »

Character Encounter: Brant

Today I’m once again participating in Kendra’s Character Encounters Blog Linkup. This month, we’re supposed to encounter a character at a car dealership. The sun beat down on the pavement with its normal summer intensity. The sort of intensity that makes me feel as though someone is pressing down on my shoulders with both hands… Read more »