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Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in doing a read-along of King’s Warrior with me here on the blog in the month of December? I haven’t done one before, but I’m sure I can figure it out. Also, I haven’t read King’s Warrior in a while, and as I’m gearing up to start working… Read more »


I’m participating in Kendra Ardnek’s Blog party today. Some of you might remember that Kendra came over for a Featured Artist Friday a while back. You can read her interview HERE. Anyway, today she is having a blog party to celebrate 5 years of blogging and authoring, and I was invited! She’s having all sorts… Read more »


I never get tagged for these things, unless it’s in a “everyone who reads this should now officially consider themselves tagged” sort of way. Which is how I came across this particular tag. I’m choosing to play along. The rules seem to be to come up with 11 random things about myself, answer the questions… Read more »


Happy Halloween, dear reader! Today I’m participating in the “Childhood Chills” challenge. Please do click on THIS LINK to find a list of the other bloggers participating and read their stories as well! (clicking on the image below will take you to the post that listed the requirements for this exercise). Hope you enjoy my… Read more »