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C. S. LEWIS: Till We Have Faces

For today’s “C” post, I was asked to talk about one of my favorite authors: C.S. Lewis. Though he is most widely known either for his children’s series “The Chronicles of Narnia” or for his theological masterpieces like “Mere Christianity,” there is one work of his which often goes unnoticed. Till We Have Faces is… Read more »


(Five Fun Facts you won’t learn from an author interview) Maybe it’s copping out a bit, but I really couldn’t think of a topic that began with the letter “A,” how sad is that? I thought I’d begin this challenge with some random factoids about me that you wouldn’t learn in an author interview. But… Read more »


Just a few more days until March is over. A few logistical things to point out to anyone who happens to swing by. First, if you would like to “subscribe” or “follow” this blog, all you have to do is click on the little, gray, “follow” box at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen…. Read more »


Sorry for not posting  yesterday. I have been coming down with a cold/cough and it’s really wearing me out. I haven’t been idle, despite my lack of posting. Some of the reason for not posting to the blog is that I’ve just been so busy working on other writing projects. So, what have I been… Read more »