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My top five favorite book heroes or heroines and why I love them. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings Of course Aragorn has to top the list. A mysterious ranger with a wry sense of humor, devotion to duty, awareness of his own mistakes, and an ancient sword. He must take actions to fight evil… Read more »


Good morning, and welcome back to this week’s round of Blogging from A-Z (blogging every day in April, except for Sundays, with posts revolving around topics in alphabetical order from A to Z). We pick up today with the letter “G.” George MacDonald: a somewhat obscure author, though he shouldn’t be. Most well-known for being… Read more »


I was going to blog about reasons to love fantasy… but then decided I could more easily do a whole series on that later. Instead, I wanted to talk about the fantasy – sci-fi continuum. Some people believe that there is no continuum, any element of science-fiction makes a story completely sci-fi. It’s an interesting… Read more »


Since it’s Friday, today’s “E” post will be short and sweet. I like cheese. EXTRA cheese… even on Chicago style pizza, which comes with buckets of it anyway. But I still always order extra cheese! Today’s post is about a different kind of cheese, but I had to mention Chicago-style pizza, because… well, because it’s… Read more »