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Halfway To Back Again + Drachtober Returns + Short Story Challenge

We’re halfway through the Award Ceremonies for the 3rd Annual Silmaril awards! And what a fun event it’s been. Ugluk threatened everyone, Merry and Pippin set off fireworks, Tom Bombadil regaled us with another epically humorous poem, we spent a lovely afternoon at the Green Dragon with our beloved Samwise, and Bilbo went off adventuring, leaving Frodo in… Read more »

The Silmaril Awards 2018: Least Competent Henchman Award Ceremony


The ballroom has seen better days. Window dressings hang limply from curtain rods which sag in the middle, drooping with age and weariness. Ancient chandeliers hang down from the ceiling, their lightbulbs flickering occasionally. The audience shifts in their mis-matched chairs, possibly with anticipation of the ceremony about to begin, but more likely from discomfort and… Read more »

Tolkien Parties Galore

Good afternoon, dear Reader! First and foremost, if you have NOT voted for your favorites in the Silmaril Awards, please make sure you go do that RIGHT NOW! Friday (9/14) is the last day to vote, and the polls close at midnight! Now that you’ve cast your ballot (or if you already had before coming to… Read more »

Silmaril Awards Voting Round Least Competent Henchman


The nominations have been submitted, the votes have been tallied, and only five characters in each category have advanced to the final round. Thanks to drawing the short straw this year, the henchmen have been crammed into my apartment all week… as they lacked the foresight to book hotel rooms for themselves before the event,… Read more »