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Silmarillion Awards 2018

Today I am here to announce that the Silmarillion Awards are returning for their THIRD year in a row… though, those of you who have been following us for more than the last twelve minutes will notice that they got bumped to a later time-slot this year. With 6 out of 11 bloggers who have… Read more »

Silmarillion Awards 2018: Update

Hello, fellow wanderers! It is now June, which is usually about the time we start looking forward to the Silmarillion Awards! However, this year we are making a slight adjustment. We are still having them! Never fear! But we are changing the dates. You see, usually we like to schedule them through July, ending near July… Read more »

A Long Winter’s Nap

Good morning, dear Reader! Whew. July just blasted right on by, didn’t it? I hope you enjoyed all the doings over here as much as I did! I thought I’d do a June/July -Ishness post, since I didn’t really do one for June. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer, but in a very good… Read more »

Tolkien Celebration

Well, dear Reader, the month-long SilmAwards is over and today we close out the celebrations with an online celebration of the Lord of the Rings’ 63rd Birthday! (Though Tolkien began working on the larger epic to accompany the Hobbit as early as 1917… so this year marks 100 years since the very beginning of this… Read more »