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Get to Know Me Tag

It has come to my attention that I have quite a few new followers out there! 1,173 people are in some way or another following this blog, either subscribed to the blog itself or able to see the posts when I automagically share them to facebook… 1,173! What in the deep world?!? This is both… Read more »

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag

Endgame is here! And I’m going to go see it Saturday evening!!! (Mostly because we didn’t want to have to avoid the internet and all the peoples for more than a day so as to avoid hearing/seeing/smelling spoilers) (Smelling? How’d that get in there? How would that even work?) Anyway, BEFORE I go see Endgame, I… Read more »

Fantasy Favorites Blog Tag

What is a celebration without a few games? We’ve already kicked off the hashtag game over on the other social media sites, and today I’d like to introduce you to the brand-new blog tag for this year! We’ve had lots of fun with these tags the past couple of years, so here’s a new one… Read more »

Know the Novel Blog Link-Up

My dear blogging friend, Christine, is starting up a new writing-related blog linkup!!! So of COURSE I had to participate! If I’m writing a blog post ABOUT my WIP, that counts as working on my WIP… right? Like Beautiful Books, this will be a 3-part linkup series, one for each of these last three months… Read more »