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Blogging About Blogs Tag

I’ve been feeling kind of lackluster on the writing front lately. It may have to do with this lingering cold. It may just be the “valley” after the mountaintop experience of launching Yorien’s Hand. Maybe it’s just a January sort of thing. I know I’ve been quiet. But I’ve been thinking, trying to figure out… Read more »

Cinderella Party: A Game of Tag

Cinderella Party Tag: We’re starting things a little slowly here today in the Stormcave. We all got up at 3am yesterday morning in order to make the first installment of our journey home from Washington, which was in the form of a 5:40am flight. Excuse me? Who’s genius idea was that? Oh right, mine. *ducks… Read more »

Tagged! 777 Challenge

I did this challenge a while back for Stone Curse, and now I’ve been tagged again by the lovely Deborah O’Carroll. Since the next couple of months are all about Yorien’s Hand, I decided to go ahead and give you another snippet from that! The rules: Open your work-in-progress and go to the 7th page… Read more »


I never get tagged for these things, unless it’s in a “everyone who reads this should now officially consider themselves tagged” sort of way. Which is how I came across this particular tag. I’m choosing to play along. The rules seem to be to come up with 11 random things about myself, answer the questions… Read more »