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Stone Curse Dream Cast

I shared a few of these at the launch party, but I thought I’d share them here, as well. My “dream cast” for the characters of Stone Curse – I’ve tried to describe the characters without giving spoilers. Enjoy! The Beast A few people have asked where I came up with the inspiration for the… Read more »

Launch Week

Last night’s facebook party was so much fun! A huge thanks to everyone who came, commented, asked questions, and just generally made us all feel super loved. If you missed the party, you are more than welcome to go by and read through the questions that were asked and answered. You should be able to… Read more »

Launch Party!

Happy Thursday, dear Reader! I hope you are having a marvelous week. Warning, I may overuse exclamation points in this post. It’s a problem of mine when I get too excited, and though I am going to attempt to refrain, I make no promises! (<—See?) If you’ve been paying attention at all, then you are… Read more »