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Dealing With Dragons

I figured it was high time I got around to reviewing this book. I talked about the characters a while back during a Six Degrees Post, but I wanted to give this book and series a bit more attention. Especially since it ranks up there in my favorite books of all time. If I had… Read more »

My Kingdom for a Quest: Interviewing Arthur

Good morning! Yesterday I shared my review of Kendra E. Ardnek’s book Sew, it’s a Quest, and the first in the series of the Bookania Quests. Today I get the pleasure of introducing you to the main character of her latest book in this series, My Kingdom for a Quest. Make sure you stick around, because at… Read more »

Inspiring Images: Stone Curse

Thought some of you might be interesting in perusing the pinterest board I’ve created for Stone Curse. Some of these images are ones that helped inspire the story as I was writing it, and some are images that I came across after the fact that fit my imagined look and feel of the story. The board isn’t… Read more »

Five Enchanted Roses: Stone Curse

The winners of the Five Enchanted Roses contest were announced yesterday, and I am so just over the moon to be included as one of them! You can read the official announcement and read a little blurb about each of the five stories that will be included in the collection HERE. I am so excited about… Read more »