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Maleficent: Movie Review

I really wanted to love Maleficent. I was so excited about this movie. Sleeping Beauty was my all-time favorite Disney Princess movie for years and years and years… until Tangled came out. For those who know me, you know what a monumental thing it was that Tangled replaced Sleeping Beauty in my affections. I don’t make favorites easily… Read more »

Stone Rose: and the writing process

Happy Halloween, dear Reader. Yesterday I told you about the things I don’t like about the Beauty and the Beast story. Today, I’m going to finally tell you what my version is about. I’m also going to let you sneak a peek through the window of my drafting process, as it were. Here were a… Read more »

Beauty and the Beast Inspiration

Well, I managed to achieve my goal and I actually finished the first draft of my Beauty and the Beast retelling before the end of October! I also managed to prove to myself that I, in fact, can tell a complete story in less than 20,000 words (I was not convinced it was possible). This is by… Read more »


Thanks to all who offered suggestions and commiseration on my last post about my struggles with being motivated to write. I definitely appreciate it, and will be using those strategies in the future! Apparently, sometimes I just need to whine for a bit… get it out of my system, so to speak. Because after writing… Read more »