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Could two stories be more different? Broken Glass by Emma Clifton, the second story in the compilation Five Glass Slippers, is practically the exact opposite of What Eyes Can See. While the first story really doesn’t have much of a villain, the second has them lurking around every corner. Evil stepmothers, stubborn kings, unkind cinder-factory managers, conniving… Read more »


The Prince and the Willow: I’m still not sure I’m sold on the title… but I’ve submitted my Cinderella retelling and that’s the title that went with it. Now I can focus on the sequel to The Orb and the Airship (I’m sensing a trend in my titles lately…) I really had rather a blast… Read more »


This is the rough draft (more like an outline) of a re-telling of a fairy tale I’m working on. I have a whole story in mind, but I needed to get some of the details down, so I started re-writing it in classic “fairy tale” style… as I figure I can add the details and… Read more »