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Dealing With Dragons

I figured it was high time I got around to reviewing this book. I talked about the characters a while back during a Six Degrees Post, but I wanted to give this book and series a bit more attention. Especially since it ranks up there in my favorite books of all time. If I had… Read more »


The made-up character of Tauriel has come under pretty heavy fire. As a person who usually argues that the books are better than the movies, and is a bit of a purist when it comes to Tolkien, I was quite surprised to find that, upon seeing the Hobbit Trilogy, I did not have a problem… Read more »

Inspiring Images: Dragons

I think it is safe to say that I have a fondness for dragons. I love them dearly. I know that there are Christians who believe all dragons embody evil… or that they should, especially in fiction. But I think there is enough recorded in Scripture to prove that dragons could be good, evil, or… Read more »