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One reader asked the following question, and I’m going to address it today: Do fantasy books need crazy, unpronounceable names? How do you come up with yours? What are the meanings behind your names? Did any of the characters go through different names until you came up with “the right one”? Before I get started,… Read more »


EDIT: Well, that was sort of like a cruel joke, wasn’t it? I believe you should actually be able to SEE the images now! Sorry about that! Hello, dear Reader! I am so sorry for the lack of posting the past few weeks. Morning sickness, a stomach bug, more morning sickness, and a cold have… Read more »


New Year’s Resolutions. They’re all the rage this time of year. But this post is not about anything new, not really a list of “resolutions” even. It’s just a list of things I am planning to accomplish this year as an author. I can’t find my list of things from last year, but I’m sure… Read more »


I saw on facebook at the beginning of August that a fellow author was going to be having a book-signing in the Raleigh area. Having never been to a book signing (Ryne Sandberg’s when I was 14 doesn’t really count) I decided to attend and see if I could pick up a few tips. Little… Read more »