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Today I am being interviewed over on L Palmer’s “The League of Scribes” blog! Come on over and find out what tv series I think my books are most akin to, and what sci-fi entity or race of creatures I will build my army out of when I set off to conquer the world! (Hypothetically,… Read more »

February Fantasy Links

Thanks to everyone who participated in the February is Fantasy Month link-up, either by commenting, sharing about it on your social media sites, joining in with a post of your own, or just stopping by to read. I really enjoyed the month of celebrating my favorite genre and chatting with you all about various fantasy… Read more »

Happy Birthday, King’s Warrior

Happy Birthday, King’s Warrior! Today is King’s Warrior’s very first birthday! Yes, King’s Warrior is four years old, but since it was released on Feb. 29th, technically today is it’s first actual birthday. To celebrate, I thought I’d share a list of some of my absolute and extremely random favorites from the fantasy genre. Jenelle’s Favorite… Read more »