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Fantasy Inspires

As I was thinking about all the things I could post about the Fantasy Genre and the reasons I love it, the one thing that always comes back to me is how much fantasy inspires me. Earlier in the month, I talked about some of the life lessons that fantasy stories have taught me, and… Read more »

Fellowship of Fantasy

We’re at it again! This time 28 great Fantasy Authors have banded together to bring you an awesome prize. What prize? Maybe I should’ve said PRIZES! That’s right, the winner of this giveaway gets a $50 certificate AND an ebook bundle of 28 wonderful flinch free fantasy novels. Why flinch free? We’re all members… Read more »

Fantasy Fan Art Contest

I’ve talked about the Clean Indie Reads Group over here a couple of times. Well, today I have very exciting news! The fantasy authors from the CIR group have banded together to create a sub-group of our own that is just focused on Fantasy! We have our OWN WEBSITE and everything! Check it out! The Clean Indie… Read more »


Today I am being interviewed over on L Palmer’s “The League of Scribes” blog! Come on over and find out what tv series I think my books are most akin to, and what sci-fi entity or race of creatures I will build my army out of when I set off to conquer the world! (Hypothetically,… Read more »