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AFTER: Cover Reveal

It absolutely never fails. Shortly after I announce that the blog is going to be slower in the coming months, I always seem to immediately have an entire week where I have a post scheduled for every single day. Well, don’t get used to it! *grin* Today I have the privilege of helping fellow Five… Read more »

Five Something Something Contest

I couldn’t give it away in the title of the blog post! Today, Rooglewood Press is announcing the theme of its next writing contest. For those of you who loved Five Glass Slippers, and are eagerly awaiting this year’s Five Enchanted Roses (make sure you go pre-order your copy and add it to your goodreads… Read more »

A Wish Made of Glass

Today I am pleased and excited to help out with the cover reveal for Ashlee Willis’ next release: A Wish Made of Glass. Some of you may remember that Ashlee is the author of the marvelous novel “The Word Changers,” which I reviewed a while back. I am so excited about this next story, which is… Read more »

Finding the Magic: Cover Reveal

Today I am participating in my Kindred Spirit, Jack’s cover reveal for her novella: Finding the Magic. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which is exciting, seeing as how my life has been consumed by that story this year and I am eager to read anything Beauty and the Beast related of… Read more »