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Good morning and Happy Monday to you, dear Reader! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am so very pleased to announce that the cover is coming along quite nicely. We’re still working to find exactly the right font color and exactly the right amount of texture for the title… but we made a… Read more »


The most exciting news right now is that the first draft of SECOND SON’S COVER has been completed and reviewed and is being tweaked AS WE SPEAK!!!! The second bit of … “news” … is that Ky’s interview generated more hits than Brant’s… which means that Ky is acting all smug and really being rather… Read more »


I am so excited about all the lovely people participating in my online party! When you’re done reading here, you should stop on over at Chelsea’s Blog to read her interview with one of her villains – it’s quite fun! I’ll be answering a few interview questions over on DJ’s blog sometime next week as… Read more »


Is it sad that I always have to think when writing the words “sneak peek” together… “Let’s see, which one has the ‘a’ in it and which one is a double ‘e’?” Yep, probably pretty sad. Today there are all sorts of fun things going on in the realm of The Minstrel’s Song series. First,… Read more »