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BATTLE OF EBULON: Shane Porteous

Over the summer I will be interviewing some of the authors that contributed to the Ebulon collaboration that I had the pleasure of being a part of this past Spring. Today, I am kicking the interviews off with our fearless leader: Shane Porteus. Ebulon and the entire collaboration were his brainchildren, so it seemed fitting… Read more »


Joining us today is Donna K. Childree who has co-authored The Wayward Gifted: Broken Point with her son. Adopted at birth, Samantha Leigh and Steuart James DuBoise reside in a complex world of southern love and crazy dysfunction. They snack on cold buttered biscuits and drink sweet iced-tea as they create stories and share fantasies on the sleeping porch of… Read more »

FEATURED ARTIST FRIDAY: Sherley Mondesir-Prescott

Joining us today is Sherley Mondesir-Prescott, author of the children’s book: If Your Shoes Could Speak. What would your shoes say about the things you do every day?  Young readers find out in “If Your Shoes Could Speak,” the new paperback book from children’s author Sherley Mondesir-Prescott. In the story, raindrops drizzle from above.  Muddy… Read more »


A medieval prayer book, an Irish saint’s prophecy of the last pope, and a forgery that changed the church—forever. Father Romano has run afoul of the modern inquisitors before. This time, it leads to a medieval manuscript and murder. Was it an ordinary theft gone wrong or something more? The Carabinieri in Rome would like… Read more »