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Featured Artist Friday: Frank Luke

Today I welcome Frank Luke to the blog to talk about his writing journey. Also, don’t miss the giveaway at the end! Mr. Luke is giving away two e-versions of his book (your choice of epub, mobi, or pdf)! He played the flute while his wife lay dying because she wanted to hear her favorite… Read more »

Featured Artist Friday: Lesa McKee

Today I am pleased to introduce you to fellow clean Fantasy author Lesa Mckee! She has written a story called Operation Space Cats that sounds super fun! This is the cover of the anthology my short story is published in! It’s listed on Amazon. Even though my entry was one of the contest winners, I’ve… Read more »

Guest Post: The Recipe for World-Building by DJ Edwardson

Greetings, dear Reader! Today is a very special day. It is the day that Ascent of the Nebula by DJ Edwardson is released to the general public. To celebrate, I invited DJ to come over and do a guest post – and it fits in with my fantasy theme for the month quite nicely, as he… Read more »

Featured Artist Friday: David Frauenfelder

Today I am pleased to introduce you all to David Frauenfelder, author of the The Master Mage of Rome books, a YA Fantasy series. I have several new authors to introduce to you this month, all of whom write Clean Fantasy, which fits in nicely with my February Fantasy theme! Hey, looky there, I’m all… Read more »