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An Interview with a Pilot

My InterFiction badge starts to glow and I hurriedly grab a pad of paper and a pencil… just in time, too, because the next thing I know, I feel that strange sensation – that is becoming more familiar now – of having my insides exchanged for my outsides. It reminds me those Giant Drop type… Read more »

Interview with a Prince

Today I have the great privilege of sharing with you a conversation I had with Prince Vian a few weeks ago — after I had to track him all over the countryside! My goodness, that was a difficult feat, but I kept missing him and his companions. Vian is a character in J.L. Mbewe’s “The Hidden… Read more »

Interview with a Champion

I am so excited to be back from my first assignment for the InterFiction Gazette! They sent me deep into the Krillonian Empire to interview Jayce, a hopeful in the next Grand Imperial Cavvara Shil Tourney, and the favorite to win. It was probably the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding, and I… Read more »

InterFiction Gazette

Hello and good morning, dear Readers! I have some very exciting news for you today! As it happens, I have recently been hired by the prestigious and well-respected journal known to one and all, far and wide, as the InterFiction Gazette!   What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! As one of their reporters,… Read more »