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BATTLE OF EBULON: Jennifer Priester

Your Name: Jennifer Priester Title of the book that lends characters to Ebulon’s need:  My characters are from across my Mortal Realm Witch series both published and unpublished books, and a yet to be published book called Heroes United. These are the characters who come to Ebulon and the book or books they are in:… Read more »

BATTLE OF EBULON: S.K.N. Hammerstone

Today’s interview is with S.K.N. Hammerstone. S.K.N. and I did a little bit more actual “collaborating” in the anthology. She lent me one of her characters, Joshua, and mentioned Ky in her own entry point. It was really fun working with her and doing some back and forth on the project. My Name: SKN Hammerstone… Read more »


Joining us today is another author I had the privilege of discovering during the April A-Z blogging challenge. We love a lot of the same books/movies/television, and I think Anne might call her a “kindred spirit.” I’m so pleased to have her over here today to answer a few questions. She just released her latest… Read more »


Please welcome Shaun Horton to the blog today! Shaun is an author I stumbled across during the A-Z challenge. He writes mostly Horror, so far. He has one book published The Unknown Neighbor, and I hear he’s working on a few others, as well as several short stories he is trying to get published. You… Read more »