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King’s Warrior Read-Along: Epilogue

And here we are, dear Readers, on the final day of the read-along. I want to thank you all so much for your questions, comments, and conversation. I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’ve had so much fun discussing my little debut novel with all of you and hearing your reactions to the… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 21

The final chapter has arrived. We reunite with our characters at Arnaud’s Banquet of Peace, and in just a few short pages, shall bid them adieu. In this chapter, Kiernan Kane gets the spotlight for a bit. He is always regaling his audience with tales of how listeners throw rotten fruit and veggies at him,… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 20

Good afternoon, dear Readers! Only 2 more days of this read-along left to go. I am sad to see it ending, it’s been so much fun! I will have to do a Second Son read-along at some point in the future (but I need a break from daily blog posts!) I am so happy to… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 19

Good afternoon, dear Reader! I’m glad to hear that y’all have been having fun with this little read-along of mine. I’m enjoying it rather immensely. A while back, my dad and sister called me to ask a question about one of my books, assuming I would know the answer off the top of my head… Read more »