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King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 16

Whew, it’s good to be back. Forgive me if anything I say today doesn’t make a lot of sense. Our two-year old daughter was having breathing troubles last night and we had to race her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with croup, treated, and then kept for observation until 3am. Add the… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 15

Happy Tuesday! Only 9 days until Christmas, are you ready? I’m not, but I’m getting there. We only have 1 more week of read-along posts to go! The time is just flying by. I’m posting a little early today, to make up for posting late the other day. Can you tell that the story is… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 14

Happy Monday, dear Reader! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today’s chapter is short and sweet, and one of my personal favorites, because it introduces perhaps my favorite character ever. I hate picking a favorite, but if I absolutely had to, I think it would be Kiernan Kane. Brant is a SUPER close second,… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 13

Good evening! So, so, so sorry for the lateness of this post! We’ve had family in town all week, and I got a little bit behind. More than any other portion of this book, this was the chapter that was most difficult for me. It was also the only thing I wrote all summer that… Read more »