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Second Son Read Along: Chapter 7

What? No intro? Sorry about that…. I kinda hit “publish” before I was really done. But anyway, here we are in chapter 7 (is it the weekend yet?) hehe… I jest… sorta. Buckle-up, dear Readers… because this chapter brought out ALL THE COMMENTARY! The Nameless Isles Admittedly, there are aspects of this series that were… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 6

Cutting it a little close today, aren’t you, Jenelle? Ahem. Welcome back to the read along! Only 6 chapters in before I got behind. LOL But I’m determined to keep up and get these posts up each day (and this is where we come to the real reason I’m posting in the afternoons instead of… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 5

First of all, to answer Sarah’s question from last week: Do other people know that Sheyardin is a dragon? As in, people in Llycaelon? No. They know he is very old and very wise and very powerful, but myth-folk have been in hiding in Llycaelon for hundreds of years. Unlike in Aom-igh, where they went… Read more »

Second Son Read Along: Chapter 4

Good afternoon! Hope you’re all having a lovely week. Today is Friday!! Huzzah! As such, I’m posting a little earlier for convenience….  Let’s take a quick look at chapter 4, shall we? A time-jump Chapter four begins five years after the end of chapter 3. Rhoyan and Ky have drifted apart, pursuing their own interests… Read more »