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King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 6

Good evening, and welcome back to the King’s Warrior Read-Along. Today our little company is learning what a benefit it can be to travel with Brant. “…Brant did not seem inclined to say anything more.” If there is a line in the book that depicts Brant to a “T,” it’s this one. He spends much… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 5

I hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! Today’s chapter is so full of intrigue and set-up, so let’s just get started, shall we? We return to Ayollan, where King Arnaud is preparing for the coming battle. He has been quite busy in the past few weeks, sending spies to Roalthae to see what Prince Elroy… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 4

Good evening and welcome to Chapter Four of the King’s Warrior Read-Along. We’re almost a week into this adventure. If you’re just joining us, I am reading through my first book: King’s Warrior, through the month of December. Our pace is a chapter a day, and each evening I post my thoughts, some background information,… Read more »

King’s Warrior Read-Along: Chapter 3

Good evening, dear Reader and welcome back to the read-along! I hope you are having as much fun as I am. Oh dear, yesterday’s chapter is such a hard one to read. It’s even harder now, because when I wrote the book, I didn’t have children of my own… now that I do… sob. Growing… Read more »