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Stands of Night: April 2016

Nope, that’s not a joke. That is actually what my nightstand looks like. … … After I cleaned it off to take the picture. So fear not! My nightstand is not as sad and lonely as it looks in the picture. It looks this way because I’m currently only reading one book, and I can’t post… Read more »

Nightstand Books: February 2016

Good morning and welcome to this month’s Nightstand Books meme! I hope you all had a lovely month of reading in January! I finished one of my two books, and kept up with my Bible reading goal okay… not perfect because of all the sickness and taking care of sick people in my house (of course,… Read more »

Nightstand Books for a New Year

Good morning, dear Reader! I hope your 2015 ended pleasantly and that you rang in the New Year with enthusiasm and gusto! I am hoping to do a “looking back at 2015 – looking ahead to 2016″ type post in the near future, but events are unfolding faster than I can keep up with, so… Read more »

Last Nightstand Books of the Year

I cannot believe it is already December. Can you? November fairly flew past, and it’s a shame, because I really love November. It’s my favorite. But a new month means new books, so let’s dive into this month’s nightstand offerings, shall we? It’s actually a pretty short list this month. On the bottom there we… Read more »