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Nightstand Books: July Edition

Yes, yes, Nighstand books is supposed to be on the first Wednesday of the month. Lucky for me, the creators of the meme aren’t real big sticklers on this. Mwahahahaha. I apologize. I’m feeling a bit loopy as I write this. Brantland is sleeping through the night better, but we’ve had some late nights recently and… Read more »

June Nightstand Books

This month’s pile o’books upon the ol’ nightstand is a bit shorter than normal, and you’ll probably be noticin’ thet two of the books are the same as last month’s. That’s because I’ve been reading a mite slowly as of late, and I’ve been writing and editing more, so not as much reading time. I… Read more »

Nightstand Books: May Edition

Here it is, the first Wednesday of the month again as we march into May, and you know what that means! It’s Nightstand Books day! A day to celebrate a new month of reading. A day to share a list of the books you plan to read, perhaps discuss the books you’ve finished reading, or… Read more »

April Nightstanding

Happy April 1st! Rabbit Rabbit, and all that. Not only is it the first day of April, but it’s also the first Wednesday of April, and you all know what that means! Yes, we’re standing on nights, and nighting stands. I was a bit concerned the other day about this upcoming post, because I thought… Read more »